Liz Thompson - Psychotherapist I have been helping people as a counsellor and psychotherapist for many years. The help always follows the path of listening first. After that we can explore what is important to you. Together we can bring about the changes that will enhance your life. Raising your self-esteem, gaining greater confidence, solving a problem, dealing with a relationship, giving you back your energy. I offer a safe, supportive and confidential environment. I will really listen to you and support and encourage you to listen to yourself. I will help you to explore the aspects of yourself and your experience that interest and/or concern you. As a psychotherapist, I will enable new pathways, provide new insights and provide you with the inner resources you need. You will be enabled to grow your capacity to understand and accept yourself and wher your life has taken you and thus create the possibility of leaving the past behind. As you make peace with what has been, so you create the a happier and more fulfilling present and future. © Liz Thompson 2013 website by Emerald